Fabian Schorp

Fabian exiting the Red Sea.

Fabian started diving at the age of 31, a long time after falling in love with the underwater world. He got a copy of David Doubilet's 'Light in The Sea' for his fourteenth birthday and has been fascinated with marine biology ever since. In the course of a trip to the Maldives in 2009 he finally took the plunge (I apologize for this pun. The people responsible for this text have been fired.) and decided to bring a camera on his next dives. Frustrated with the quality of his images he started looking into more and more equipment before realizing it was lack of skill that was holding him back rather than having the latest and greatest camera. He has since worked on his technique by attending workshops and trying new things.

In 2015 he's had the privilege of working on macro techniques with Martin Edge, author of 'The Underwater Photographer', and his long-time idol David Doubilet and his partner Jen Hayes at a workshop on Grand Cayman, which also opened his eyes to the conservation implications of underwater photography, something he cares deeply about.

When he's not out traveling the world Fabian lives in Zurich, Switzerland with his wife Jessica and works as a manager at Google.